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BBC BrowseCast v2.2 Released

Just a quick release to allow users with firmware 1.5 to use this application.

Still working on small screen support for next version.

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BBC BrowseCast v2.0 Released

Well here it is sooner than expected. I had some extra hours tonight so cracked on with some stuff I had been trying to do.

I hope you like the new look of the interface. In this release;

  • Major revamp to the interfaces appearance
  • Added “View Podcast Popularity” page to Dashboard. This can be found on a screen prior to the Stations screen. Just press the back button on your phone. The page is only an image view of the podcast popularity and you cannot select anything from it.
  • Added mobile links to all BBC Radio stations. The links can be found at the bottom of the page when a station is selected.

Hope you enjoy this new release and have a good weekend.

NOTE: <start rant>I just wanted to point out whilst I was here that I cannot control how the BBC choose to license their podcasts. A few users outside the country have been contacting me asking why this is the case. To clear this up, my application is SOLELY for the purpose of allowing user to view podcasts that the BBC produce. It doesn’t play them or determine what bitrate they will play at.</end rant>


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BBC Site Usage Statistics

One of the features I was really wanting to add was a view of podcasts by popularity. I was intending to use information from the BBC Site Usage website, but it appears they don’t have XML data (that I can find) to use.

I have contacted them regarding this and if I have a positive reply I will implement it. But thus far I don’t rate my chances. For now that feature will have to remain dormant.

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